What Our Students Say...

The group fitness classes help me train for the triathalons that I run yearly

Joe S. Denver, CO

Urban Survival Fitness is a place you test your limits every time, and its FUN! I feel I'm getting the best work-out in 50 minutes than I could ever achieve at the gym... Jeff is going to push you, but ultimately he wants you to know you're the only one who can make it happen!"

Monica H. Denver, CO

I rely on the cardio aspect of the group fitness to suppliment my crossfit and olympic lifting routines. Plus, Jeff helps me acheive my goals - to look better with my shirt off!

Cedric B. Denver, CO

My experience there really gave me the confidence that has fueled my weight loss journey. The atmosphere there gave me a new look on working out. The support and encouragement from the whole team there was much needed when trying new and challenging things. I want to thank everyone there for helping me realize my potential and my inner strength.

Krisha O. Denver, CO

We Guarantee...

Classes are High Energy, Intense, Fun and designed to push everyone at ANY fitness level. We guarantee NO MORE BORING WORKOUTS!

Jeffrey McMillan - Master Survival Specialist


  • Develop strength & cardio endurance
  • One or more certified personal trainers in every class
  • One on one training is available
  • Personalized fitness & nutrition programs are available
  • All equipment is safe, clean, and well maintained
  • Classes combine martial arts & dance techniques
  • Build agility & power with sports specific moves, yoga, and core strength
  • Body weight exercises build the foundation of our classes
  • Guaranteed Challenging, Fun & Friendly Group Classes


  • Classes always change - unlike your average bootcamp
  • A great supplement to any triathalon - strong man - obstacle course - adventure course - or athletic program that you may be training for
  • Participate in workouts that are as tough as crossfit without the elitist attitude or technical requirements
  • With our help you will build the body that you want to see in the mirror
  • Build an athletic body and mind that is bigger, stronger, and faster than the average for your age group
  • Obtain a level of fitness that will last a lifetime

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